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Hi Helen and recessivegenequeen,

Thank you for the words of support!

Helen – you are definitely right; this is a very emotional and physical journey I am going on. I told my man-friend last week I feel like every day is an emotional rollercoaster – 70% of the time I’m PUMPED, 20% of the time I’m just frustrated and irritable, and 10% of the time I am despondent and sad and on the verge of tears. I just desperately want to feel normal and close to another human being! But I am taking steps and that is something.

recessivegenequeen – firstly, I’ve lurked a bit and your kind, encouraging replies REALLY made me feel optimistic and gave me the push before I booked my first pelvic floor physio appt! Thank you for this reply – this is like having a big college exam coming up; it feels insurmountable but I am glad that this is a condition that is temporary.

To anyone who is reading this: I AM WAY MORE OPTIMISTIC AND IN BETTER SPIRITS THIS WEEK versus last Friday when I posted this. Do not give up! You will have days where this sucks. The trick is to keep going. I’m sending you love.