Okay so update from my last post. I went to my regular doctor to talk about this issue (not gyno) because I hadn’t heard back from them and there wasn’t any excess yeast or bacteria they found.

My doctor checked me for Lichen Sclerosis and said it wasn’t that and everything looks normal down there. However she said the same thing about how my estrogen may be lower due to birth control pills. So, we switched to a high dosage rather than the lower one I was on (she said for some reason that helps most people?) and I’ve been on that for 2 1/2 weeks now. Unfortunately, I feel like I am even more sensitive down there now.

I haven’t had sex in a little bit cause I’m not physically near the person I’ve been seeing, but even from going to the bathroom it feels like I’m stretching some of the skin and tissue down there. It just gets irritated so easily. And I did take a peak cause I felt this one uncomfy spot, and somehow I have a tear along the crease of my outer labia. I have no idea how this happened or when it happened, but I’m just like ugh I have a feeling it’s all related and I’m just so done with it at this point.

I’m thinking now I’m going to see my gyno again and talk about getting a copper iud so my hormones can regulate on their own and get hopefully higher estrogen levels but i can still have protection from pregnancy.