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Dear Melvee!
I cannot praise you enough for what you are doing for the Vaginismus community in your area. I myself was in a similar situation like you and could not buy dilators because they were not available in my country. I was very desperate to solve my condition and so I first started dilation with my finger and later on used other objects that were similar to dilators in shape and size like the first one I used was a long round mascara bottle. This may sound weird but this was the only way I could dilate myself. Most of the dilators that I used were used up cosmetics bottles because they were all round and smooth. There is no problem in it but just remember to wash them before and after every use.

Hope this helps and you and other women in your area get treated.

P. S. I still have all my so-called dilators with me because they remind me of strength and courage in tough times.