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Congratulations!! Just in case you haven’t had your baby yet, I wanted to share my story to encourage you. I got pregnant six months post procedure, and have since had two unmedicated births. The first birth was to a 9lb baby with a head circumference in the 99th percentile, and I did not even tear! The second baby, I birthed the head and body in the span of one contraction and did not tear that time either.

One small tip: knowing about my vaginismus, my provider injected a bit of lidocaine into the entry portion of my vagina during crowing phase for my firstborn. She said she did not inject much at all, and his head was finally born on the next push. I didn’t realize I was “holding” him back, but that little bit of help releasing those muscles was very helpful after having already pushed for quite some time by then (which could have also been because I was so exhausted for other reasons by then). So first birth was a success, and second was a cakewalk (at least, as far as child birthing goes 😉

I hope this is encouraging, and again, congratulations!!