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Thanks Mark for sharing your story. I’ve made use of a similar service during the last weeks of my treatment plan, since I was single at that time. I have nothing but positive words to describe my experience with my sex worker. He was the first guy I had sex with, but at the end that wasn’t the most important thing. He taught me lots and lots more. I had a super low self esteem and I hated my body, but somehow he succeeded in convincing me I had a normal body after all. He learned me how I had to masturbate him, by giving clear and direct instructions, something a boyfriend would probably never do. We used a mirror to discover how my vulva looked like, and he managed to give me my very first orgasm (at the age of 32!). As I said, nothing but positive words and I can recommend this to everyone who is struggling with vaginismus and needs to deal with the situation without a partner.