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Hey Dishaz, sorry to hear that your therapy experience did not go well. I’m currently still in therapy for vaginismus and I too have experienced getting stuck at a certain size and not being able to progress for a long time. Which is incredibly disheartening and frustrating.

Obviously, everyone is different, but I wanted to mention a couple things that helped me in case they may be able to assist you as well. I’m finally making progress again after lots of stretching (my hips are tight and stretching them also helps loosen my pelvic floor) and experimenting with the angle of insertion; it helps me to lay flat with my legs propped up on an exercise ball. But the biggest thing is that I recently went to a new gynecologist and was diagnosed with vulvodynia on top of the vaginismus. She prescribed me topical gabapentin that I apply in my vagina, and this has helped tremendously, more than anything else. There was always a spot that was rather sore and tender and I couldn’t push past without a lot of pain and the gabapentin has mostly resolved this. I’m not saying that you have the same reason for not progressing as me but that there may be more treatments/options out there to help you. I know you had physical therapists, but have you had an appointment with a gynecologist who has experience with vaginismus? It sounds like the doctor that you went to was more concerned with how it impacted your husband and wasn’t very understanding towards you. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find doctors familiar with the condition and I don’t know how insurance and medical visits work in your country but if you are able to find a gynecologist who has worked with vaginismus patients before, they may be able to provide some other treatment options to help you make progress.

I hope that things are improving for you and I’m sorry that you are going through this.