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Hi Kiala2021 – thank you SO much for sharing your powerful and vulnerable story. As someone who ended up finally seeking treatment for my vaginismus (after years of suffering) because I knew I’d lose my current partner if I didn’t, I’m so impressed and inspired that you pursued treatment as a single patient. I am fully pain-free now and am glad I can have intercourse with my partner, but I would recommend seeking treatment to anyone suffering from vaginismus whether they have a partner or not. One of the biggest gains for me was feeling NORMAL after so much time holding onto shame and pain. The great thing for you is that you have put more control and power into your hands as you re-enter the dating world. The story of your vaginismus is totally up to you to share with a future partner if you want to (or to keep to yourself), but you aren’t being limited by vaginismus anymore. Best of luck to you in your dating and further treatment endeavors, and please let us know how things go!