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Theresa, you’re totally right! I think even in groups of close friends, it’s rare to open up about vaginismus – I certainly was slow to even with my closest friends when I was going through it. I’m not sure where you live, but American culture isn’t good at talking about sex in a plain and direct way. I think for some reason we treat it as something everyone should “know how to do” (which is why it feels shameful to have issues with it – which is crazy when you think about it. Sex is totally a learned skill and it’s not something that’s taught or discussed beyond most teenagers getting abstinence-only sex education in school that only serves to further alienate teenagers exploring sex and close off resources for how to have it without pain.

Kiala2021, that statistic shocks me a little, but on another level it doesn’t surprise me at all. It took me more than 3 years from when I first learned I had vaginismus to start seeking treatment because living with it somehow seemed easier than facing it head on. I hope our culture shifts and resolves some of its hangups about communicating around sex that only hurt future generations.