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Mark, thank you so much for sharing, that was amazing to read. What really strikes me – and what I hope other women take away from your story about Anna – is just how much work goes into reaching the penetration stage even AFTER someone has become proficient with dilators. I think so many of us who have dealt with vaginismus feel SO impatient to skip ahead to feeling like we can do “normal” things, but often like Mark has said there are so many other things we still need to learn/relearn – how to take pleasure in our bodies, how to feel safe and comfortable being naked for someone else, how to be aroused enough for penetration to work, etc. Everyone’s journey is different and some of these things will be easy for some women and difficult for others, but we can’t neglect the healing our hearts and brains need to do sometimes even when we’ve dilated and our vaginas are “ready.” Thanks so much again Mark for sharing your insights, I think they are really going to help people to read.