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Hi Persevere – redrose’s advice is great here! I want to second the point that you should DEFINITELY keep dilating even during your period, even though it’s messy. As long as you’re not having especially strong pain with insertion while menstruating, your dilation will be most successful if you keep up the daily routine. Taking several days between dilation sessions can definitely cause your vagina to “unlearn” to an extent some of the progress you’ve made with dilators.

Setbacks in general, whether around your period or not, are SUPER normal in vaginismus treatment. But you know your body is capable of getting to that larger size, so be patient with yourself and work your way back up like you did before, and stick with it through your period.

Also the burning sensation you’re feeling during dilation is totally normal and in fact is what you’re SUPPOSED to be feeling. It’s the feeling of your muscles stretching and becoming more used to penetration! Have you ever taken up a new exercise routine and woken up the next day to feel soreness in your arms and legs? This sensation in your vagina is similar – it’s learning to move in a new way it isn’t normally asked to, so you’re feeling the sensation of adjustment. This means the dilation is working!