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I’m also trying to figure out how to share this with others. I had some deeper talks with friends about vaginismus in my 20s. Some of their responses were helpful, some weren’t. It feels more shameful to discuss this as I’ve gotten older — it feels like there’s an expectation that I should be “figured out” in my 30s. I brought this up with a couple of friends recently. They had no particular reaction either way, didn’t ask any questions or make any comments at all. I think I am craving for someone to say something like “that must be hard” and just kind of open the window for me to be able to express myself more. Pondering the idea of asking for support more directly. I’m a pretty direct person – I’m actually writing this post from the crisis line where I volunteer, so I’m not a stranger to talking about difficult or stigmatized issues. But it’s so much harder when it’s about working through my own judgment. I think that getting support and opening up are important parts of my healing but I don’t know how to move forward yet.