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Some more to add, in case anyone is reading this. I went to see a PT today. I had seen a different one a few weeks ago but didn’t feel good about her treatment plan — she didn’t emphasize the use of dilators at all, and she told me that for someone who has had vaginismus for about a decade she wouldn’t expect it to fully resolve. But I’ve also never fully followed through on a treatment plan from PT so I don’t want to give up yet on the possibility of healing or feeling like my issues are resolved. It’s been helpful to me to read about the importance of dilating here and advocate for my needs with treatment. The new PT seems much more helpful and I’m happy to have some physical support as I move through the dilators again. The physical exam was not painful but I’m still feeling vulnerable about having weekly appointments and having frequent internal exams/manual physical therapy. I’m already working on my largest dilator (my vaginismus doesn’t really regress to any extreme, but it’s still impossible to enjoy penetrative sex), and part of me really wants to move quickly through this and another part of me is worried about next steps after that. I really want to remain committed and do this for myself, whether to expand my sexual connection in my current relationship or whether that connection comes elsewhere in the future.