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Hello Everyone

I am writing to you because I am facing a new challenge in my dilation routine. Before my last period which ended just three days ago, I could insert a 5.2″ circumference dilator. I would insert a 4.9″ dilator first for 5 minutes and then I could easily insert the 5.2″ dilator in one go. But now after my period, I cannot insert the 5.2″, 4.9″ and even 4.5″ dilator. I can insert the 4″ dilator but when I insert it, there is so much burning inside my vagina. I never experienced this before in my 3 months dilation routine. I had discomfort with dilators but I never experienced such a setback. My muscles are very tight down there and I am confused as to what might have caused it. (p.s. I do not dilate during my period because of the mess)

Today is the second day I have tried dilating after my period.

Really confused and upset. Are such setbacks normal? Do I have to start dilating from the 4″ dilator again? Amd what is this burning feeling? It only happens when I dilate. Otherwise, my vagina feels normal.