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I had a very similar experience. I suggest the following:
– Tell your doctor that clear communication is very important to you during a pelvic exam. It’s okay to tell them you are scared or nervous.
– Practice the use of dilators ahead of a pelvic exam. Even possibly try to block out the time before the visit and dilate an hour or so beforehand.
– Tell the doctor you want to try inserting the speculum yourself. Be firm about this. My best experiences have been when I could do the initial insertion myself and then the doctor guides it after that.
– Give yourself permission to leave an appointment if you don’t feel like your needs for communication are being met. It’s okay to go to an appointment, discuss your concerns, and refuse a physical exam.
– Plan something nice for yourself after the visit. If there’s any chance you could take the day off, I think that’s great self-care. Doesn’t have to be anything big, maybe just tell yourself you get to watch a movie in bed or something else kind and gentle.