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So many great points mark2021 – I think too if the explanations around sex were less based in shame and were generally more biological, women would have a better sense of what was going on with their bodies and what steps to take (for example, oh my hymen tore the first time we had sex so there was some pain, but on future attempts I should be lubricated and aroused and there should be less pain. And it would help SO MUCH if teens got better sexual education – and not just as it is now where the focus is on STDs and preventing pregnancy (which is also important) but explores female pleasure and how the body SHOULD feel when it’s primed to have sex. I’ve seen other women on these forums from Europe post in some countries that women are even taught to masturbate, which is amazing. Anything to get boys and girls more educated on how to have sex together would probably reduce pain and vaginismus.