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@recessivegenequeen I was a sex worker for three years before I met a client who told me she had vaginismus and was seeing a pelvic floor specialist for this. She was single and wanted to “see” if things worked our okay in bed so I got involved in her therapy. I presume I made a good impression because her specialist talked about me to other clients and the next year I had someone else calling me. Before I knew I was working with three different specialists and I was following trainings on the subject. Vaginismus patients take up a lot of my time AND energy though. But the work itself is really rewarding.

A small example. Before the pandemic I’ve seen a 45 yo who was raped when she was 18 and she never had sex again after that traumatic event. She had her very first orgasm in front of me and that was so intense we both cried. It’s a super emotional job, which limits the amount of patients I can work with at the same time. Which also means I’ve never advertised my services, there is simply no need.

Another example. It always surprises me how much pressure sex can put on women. This sounds probably stupid to some of you, but one of the first things I tell my clients is that they don’t have to shave their armpits, legs and/or pubic hair. Some of them do this because they feel better that way, but strangely enough a majority says they think it SHOULD be done before they can have sex with me. When I tell them they don’t have to do that – and I know it sounds stupid – but that single fact already makes them feel more at ease – “He takes me as I am”. Something in that style. Same thing when someone says to me she wants to have sex with the lights out because she’s worried I might see her cellulite. I’ll do exactly the opposite: I’ll touch her on those spots, tell here there is nothing wrong with her boobs or thighs… I’ll do everything to remove the weight on their shoulders before I start having sex with them.

As I’ve said: super intense but super rewarding at the same time.