Hi Annelies – I am hoping one of the doctors from Maze will chime in, but I can speak as a former patient of Maze’s who did botox and dilation and say that I also dilated during my period. It can certainly be messier to dilate on your period, but if you can physically do it, it’s a good idea to keep up whatever routine you’ve been maintaining even while you’re menstruating. Some women even find it easier because your menstrual fluid can have a lubricating effect.

It’s important to note that dilation can feel different on different days and at different times of the month, and if for some reason dilating is extra painful during your period, you shouldn’t try to push yourself. Sometimes we’re able to use a dilator one day but not the next, and often with patience you can get back to any point you reached previously – sometimes our bodies are just different at different times!