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Hello Rabbit.

A large majority of women I’ve worked with, were single. It’s not hard to imagine when patients have a partner, my presence is often not needed. I’ve worked with three couples in the past, which is not much when compared to the total number of clients I’ve helped out. In all three cases men had issues with sex as well.

In some patients penetration stays impossible, even after therapy. Therapy can help, but doesn’t work for everyone unfortunately. Some of them get to a certain stage, but not far enough to enable full penetration. Something I’ve also seen is that vaginismus sometimes comes back at some point their life – for most women there’s always this “danger” lurking around the corner.

Most of my clients were between 20 and 30 yo, but I’ve also had several 30+ and even 40+ clients. Some of them never had sex before and were diagnosed with vaginismus during a visit at the gyn or when they tried to insert tampons or menstrual cups.

Not being able to have an orgasm is often related to not being relaxed, not feeling at ease, not accepting your body, finding sex ‘dirty’… all these thoughts prevent them from reaching a climax.

I’ve always tried to separate my professional and my private life. When the therapy stops, I also stop seeing my clients, although most of them still keep me updated on important steps in their life, like meeting a new partner, getting married or giving birth.

It is hard for me as well to see so many women are struggling with the way they look… There are influencers on Instagram trying to do something about this by showing their own imperfect bodies and insecurities. This is something that absolutely has to be done more!