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Hello Sarah 233 – thanks for your great question! I think the dialogue between you and recessivegenequeen is very important, and it illustrates just how unique every woman’s experience with vaginismus, their treatment and their approach to it is.

The most important thing we know about vaginismus diagnosis and treatment is that it MUST be customized for each and every woman. Someone might require more physical support with dilation, others need additional psycho/emotional guidance. And there is a wide spectrum all along the way.

Also, after re-reading your initial question – I’m curious as to whether you’re taking about a behavioral therapist or a pelvic floor physical therapist? The former – unless otherwise qualified to provide medical care – will not ever examine nor treat your physical body. A PFPT, on the other hand, often does internal work (with consent only, of course) as part of treatment.

Either way – all of this must be tailored to each patient, and everyone on the team should ideally be working in concert in order to provide collective support and effective treatment modalities that compliment one another. If for any reason you’re not getting what you need, please speak up and tell your providers! Most of us aren’t taught to self-advocate in a medical setting, but we MUST in order to secure the highest standard and most respectful of care.