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WOW. I’m impressed. This was an eye-opener, and very informative! Thanks! Can I have your phone number? 🙂

Only joking… but it’s refreshing to read these kind posts from a male viewpoint and I think everyone here can recognize things you wrote about in her own life.

I was wondering if you ever worked with couples? Or women with a partner? Have you ever had a client where penetration was impossible, even after therapy? How old are most of your clients? Can you really give everyone an orgasm? Are there women who try to contact you even after the therapy stopped? After sleeping with so many women, is there some kind of advice you can give to us? Are there certain things we could do to prevent/help in overcoming vaginismus?

It must be very emotional for these women to suddenly be able to open up and show a stranger their perfect ‘imperfect’ body, and learn so many new things… also kudos on taking your time to explain how things work at the male side. I can imagine some women have uncertainties on that level as well (I was like that).

I find it hard to read there are so many women struggling with the way they look… plus the fact that penetration seems to be the *easiest* task according to you… that makes you think! There is definitely something wrong with the way we picture women in magazines.