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There are some valid points made over here…. and I have the impression this is kind of a taboo topic to talk about, so thanks to both of you for your openness.

I currently have vaginismus and I also have issues reaching an orgasm. I’ve got the feeling I can get to the edge, but I don’t seem to actually get an orgasm, no matter what I do. And yes, vaginismus patients can definitely have a sex drive. It’s not because we have issues with penetration that we can’t get sexually excited.

I do recognize the feeling you guys are talking about: when I’m on that brink for too long or my partner stimulates me till I get there few times, this quickly turns into frustration and even pain. I never knew what that was until I heard about this in Orange is the New Black, I don’t know if someone saw this on Netflix? Apparently it’s a common thing! It’s the equivalent of blue balls in men. I wish I heard about that before…