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Hi rabbit! I definitely think that a lot of women with vaginismus also deal with other sexual issues like an inability to orgasm, ignorance about masturbating, etc. It makes a lot of sense – the association with pain and sex can turn women off of any kind of interaction with their vaginas at all, and a lot of women with vaginismus report being brought up in a culture that was either religious or somehow restrictive of sexual activity.

I recently read the book Sex Points by Bat Sheva Marcus (the clinical director of the Maze Clinic that maintains these forums) and it talked a lot about how sexual issues like pain and orgasm often overlap and affect each other. Often the pain is the symptom that gets the most urgent attention but there’s a lot you can do for orgasm issues too! The book talks about these things more in depth but even just getting a vibrator can be such a game-changer for women who haven’t had orgasms yet.