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Hi rabbit,

Sounds like you’ve got a fantastic therapist. I’ve heard that patients suffering from vaginismus often have a negative view on sexuality. They don’t masturbate, never had an orgasm, have more issues touching their vagina, etc… but I’m not sure that’s true. Perhaps someone else here can tell us more on this?

I do find it great that therapists also take the time to learn their patients how to masturbate, since not everyone seems to know how to do it. Having an orgasm helps you relax and this can certainly help when you’re dealing with vaginismus. I’m not sure I’d be able to have an orgasm myself in the presence of a therapist, but I guess this shows her patients feel at ease when she’s around. Imagine how it feels if a therapist walks you through the steps to get an orgasm and you manage to have one for the first time in your life thanks to her, that must be a unique experience.