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Hi Luna404! I’m really sorry to hear about your troubles. What you’re describing sounds like vaginismus. And the pain after penetration could be due to your pelvic floor muscles just very stressed out. My old physical therapist told me, the inside of the vagina is supposed to be super easy going like the back of an old lady’s wrinkly hand. But with vaginismus, the inside of the vagina is as tough as the back of your hand while making a tight fist. Basically, there’s no good movement of the vaginal walls and when your PC muscles are trying soooooooo hard to prevent the penetration… your vagina tightens on the inside as well as the flesh! This could cause awful burning since there is no movement, just friction and rubbing.

I really highly suggest you keep trying new gynecologists until you find one who is knowledgeable with vaginismus and doesn’t tell you to just drink a glass of wine or use more lube. Your first order of business is getting good professional help to guide you through this and back you up. Physical therapy is really amazing too!! A good therapist will NOT push you at all and will not allow you to be in pain. Mine always told me I was there to get better, not to feel pain, and we’d take it as slow as I’d like to. She was incredible.

I also highly suggest purchasing a dilator kit! The one I used was Pure Romance and the colors are super fun! They range from as small as your pinky, to as big as a penis. And you can carry out this routine at home.. your own physical therapy! 20 minutes a day, as many days of the week. And don’t move up in size until the current one becomes such a breeze. This will really help stretch and strengthen those PC muscles and give you control as you go further into your treatment. There is also soo many amazing tricks that can help you out along the way too! Yoga stretches for your PC muscles, as well as breathing techniques to open your vagina more for easier insertion.

And if you decide this is too much, the women at Maze are truly heroes. You can always give them a call, they’re soo knowledgeable and comforting. But don’t sweat this! Vaginismus is a pain, and requires a bit of effort to cure but you deserve to have the sex life of your dreams without pain!

Please feel free to keep posting, we’re here to help 😊