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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. I acted upon your advice and instead of using a 5inch dilator, I used a 4.5 inch dilator. I could not succeed the first day I tried and got hopeless and didn’t dilate for the next two days. Today I tried again and hurray I did it at last!!! I could not believe it was happening for a second!

All I have got to say is a massive thank you to all of you! You guys have been my support since I started my journey! You are my doctors, my counselors, my friends and my support system! Stay blessed, stay happy and stay safe! My prayers will always be with you! Thank you!

p.s. to all those struggling out there, don’t give up! Look at me! I almost lost hope but now I am back in the game! Just keep trying and whenever you feel stuck, visit this forum and ask for help! And one more tip, sometimes instead of forcing things to happen, just wait for your muscles to relax on their own. Just breathe and wait during the session and after every few minutes, try inserting the dilator. If the muscles don’t give way, retreat but don’t force yourself as it will only tighten the muscles. Hope that helps!