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Hello!! Congratulations on getting that dilator in!! I love what the ladies above said! You could also give yourself internal massages. That used to help me a lot! I would do my stretches for my pelvic floor muscles(on your knees on the floor and try and do a split as best as you can, and also you can lay on your back, grab your feet from inside your legs and pull your feet close to you, spreading your legs and getting a deep stretch) and I’d do my massage before I would dilate. You can use a finger or thumb, even the smallest dilator, and just at the entrance, one knuckle deep, slowly and gently press against the wall of the vagina and move in circles, going clockwise. Also… when you first insert a dilator, you can breathe in deep and fill your belly up instead of your chest. This opens your vagina up more and allows an easier, more comfortable insertion. I hope this helps!