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Thank you Heather and Melissa. Sorry about the delay in responding. So I had the fertility tests done under anaesthesia. But the doctors decided not to proceed with the hymen surgery as the hymen did expand during the other procedures that were being done. So it appears that the hymen itself is not actually a barrier to penetration.

I have continued with stretching and dilation at home. But was not able to get the smallest dilator more than an inch inside. However, today when I went to the doctor’s office to attempt an ultrasound and insertion of speculum, I actually managed to do it! It took a while but with my doctor being patient and the assistant being helpful and encouraging, we managed to get the ultrasound probe all the way in. She also inserted a speculum that is bigger and longer than the pediatric one that I have been able to tolerate so far. It felt like a major improvement given that 3 months ago, it was impossible to even get the ultrasound probe in and I would have literally cried seeing the size of the speculum.

I am booking more physical therapy appointments now to continue and hopefully be able to make further and consisten improvement.