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Hi LilyAalam!

Welcome to the forum, and I am so impressed with your perseverance and courage to work on this issue.

As for your questions…2% lidocaine prior to dilation is a great idea. You will need to apply it to the vaginal entrance about 10 min prior to dilation for it to be effective. And if you don’t find the 2% does much, you can use up to a 5% safely at the vagina.

You can also use one of your smaller dilators, and put the lidocaine on that, and use it as an applicator to make sure you are getting it inside the vaginal entrance.

I do think doing some kegel exercises prior to dilation, and deep breathing can be very helpful. So I would continue to do that process.

Over time the muscles will relax with repeated penetration.

You can try sleeping with a smaller dilator over night, and then trying to insert the bigger dilator in the morning.

You can also be evaluated to see if a hymenectomy to remove the hymen might help open the vaginal entrance a little more and make dilation easier as well.