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I wanted to provide a small update. Last weekend we attempted PIV again, all though this time we tried with me on top first, so I could control the insertion. This worked really well, and I’m happy to say that we didn’t even have any foreplay beforehand- just used lube. It seems that if I’m careful with the initial insertion (taking it slow, a bit in, then out, then more in, then out, and slowly getting it all the way in) is very important to avoid the soreness in the first place. After taking a couple of minutes to get him all the way in, and then go slow for a few minutes, it was completely pain free, no matter how fast it went after that. And afterwards there was no pain or soreness what so ever!! If it weren’t for the fact that I had to go home the next morning we would’ve had sex the day after too. It felt really good to not be sore for days afterwards, but just feel normal.

I’ll keep using the hormonal cream for now, I’m not sure if it helps or not yet, but I’ll try for a few more weeks just to see if it does. But I had the best PIV experience so far and I’m so happy!!

Thank you guys for the advice and support, it means so much.