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mmHelen Leff, LCSW

Hi tetra444, Congrats on being able to have penetrative sex and having pursued pelvic floor PT. Our maintenance dilation protocol at Maze is that once you have had pain free successful intercourse a bunch of times putting something inside the vagina 3X a week whether it’s a dilator, dildo, penis… is important to make sure the muscles “remember” to stretch and relax! Soreness after can be because the tissue at the entryway to the vagina (the vestibule) is somewhat fragile and the penis is putting pressure on that area through thrusting and moving in and out. Perhaps massaging coconut oil at the entryway will help or discussing it with your gyn. Our vulvar/vaginal tissue is dependent on hormones to stay well elasticized and perhaps your gyn can prescribe a topical hormonal cream or suppository that can help.
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