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mmHelen Leff, LCSW

Hi Elisabeth and welcome to the Forum! There’s much misinformation out there! The hymen is not a myth, however, for some women it’s non existent, for others it’s thin and then there are some women whose hymenal tissue is thick and can be “imperforate” where it obstructs the vagina. Vaginismus on the other hand is “tight muscles”. If you are open to seeing a gyn they can tell you if your hymenal tissue is “getting in the way” of penetration. If it’s tight muscles and I want to emphasize that even if you are comfortable and want to have intercourse, vaginismus is out of your conscious control – those muscles are involuntarily tensing. Vaginismus is very treatable with the consistent use of dilators. A pelvic floor Physical Therapist can be helpful in working with you. Feel free to reach out to Maze if you want to speak with one of us.
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