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Hi Sara – I’m so deeply sorry to hear what a hard time you’ve had dealing with vaginismus and your husband. It is such a psychological issue that not having a supportive, relaxing, and trusting environment can really affect how much you succeed. It sounds like you and your husband may need to have some serious conversations (possibly with a therapist) around how to rebuild the trust and support that seems to have been lost in your relationship over the years and whether each of you think your marriage is still salvageable. You deserve a partner who loves you and believes in you and it will be important to figure out if your husband can still be that person for you.

Treatment of your vaginismus is EXTREMELY possible, but you will have to address the emotional issues along the way. Botox sounds like a strong option for you, and it’s possible you’d have more success with dilation if there was less time pressure. Let us know if there’s any way we can help and how conversations with your husband go!