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Hi Julie123! Speaking as someone who suffered from extreme vaginismus for about 10 years before eventually getting the botox treatment at Maze, I just wanted to say that if you want to really commit to treating your vaginismus, I think you would really benefit from botox. I had a lot of the same fears when I first started (especially since I didn’t know WHAT I’d do if botox didn’t work), but something that surprised me at the time was that Maze reported something around a 92% success rate for people who got the botox treatment. Not only is that impressively high for a medical procedure, from what I’ve heard, the times the procedure hasn’t led to long-term improvements was more to do with sticking to the post-treatment dilation schedule. It’s important what you be able to dilate every day for awhile while the botox is in effect so you can realize both the physical and mental advantages of having received the botox, but it’s a highly proven treatment and the incredible doctors at Maze will ensure you have support and a plan at every stage to lock in your success. It sounds like you’re already doing a good job of using dilators, so I think you’d be a great candidate and should definitely call Maze for their free 10-minute consult to see if you think the treatment is right for you!