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Hi lilly103009!!
CONGRATULATIONS on getting that dilator in!!!!! That is the toughest step but you did it!! I’m so proud of you for beginning this journey to beating vaginismus! As for the pain, are you using a lot of lube? Lots and lot’s of lube is key. Or maybe you have a sensitivity to that specific lube you’re using? You can try a warm cloth on your vagina, that’s how I would always end a dilating session. It helps so much, feels so soothing and takes any discomfort away! I usually do it for 20 minutes, it’s just annoying because you have to keep re wetting the cloth with hot water as it gets cold fast. But you could also use a cool cloth or covered ice pack. I also use a covered icepack and it helps so much! I hope this helps! 🙂 Keep us updated!