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Hi Pollystash!!
CONGRATULATIONS on beginning your dilation treatments!! That is a huge step!! I’m so glad you have a supportive Husband, that makes this journey so much easier 🙂 I second what Melissa said. Yeast infections are painful, and you may see some swelling and redness of the opening of your vagina if you’ve looked at it in a mirror. I too have gotten disharge after dilation and like Melissa said, it is your disharge mixed with whatever lube you’re using and it always comes out chunky haha! But it never hurts to go to the doctors if you are worried! If you do not feel pain, I wouldn’t think it is an infection. I’ve had many yeast infections and every one of them has hurt.
I’d also like to say, you are so brave for exploring up there with your finger and really trying to understand and care for your body. You are going to do just fine on this journey! 🙂 Good luck, I hope you don’t have an infection and please do keep us updated on your vaginismus recovery and ask us all the questions you want! We’re here for you 🙂