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Hi Karla – I second what LPoppy said and want to encourage you to keep going. It’s super natural to hit a rough patch in your dilation and treatment. Especially after living with this condition for a long time, many of us want progress to move quickly and smoothly, but like with many struggles in life, the road to recovery is winding and sometimes involves taking steps backward.

Holding onto hope is the same strong, slow work that dilating is. I think what helps most is to hold onto the victories, even the little ones. Every step up in a dilator, every session with less pain, every stretch of time you’re able to dilate consistently is a step forward on the path up the mountain, and the only way to get to the top is one step at a time. Sometimes it will be frustrating, but you have many options and possibilities to take advantage of. You were diagnosed young which is a wonderful gift in that it lets you get to work early before you have years of frustration behind you, so you have a lot of time to figure this out at your own pace. It is possible to have less pain and it’s worth fighting for.

Let us know how your journey goes – we’re pulling for you!