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I am located in the US so I know that our healthcare systems are different but I can tell you what I did and maybe it will be of some help. Unfortunately a lot of doctors, even gynecologists, are not familiar with vaginismus. I definitely went to a couple gynecologists who did not know what it was and did not take it seriously which was frustrating. It may take more effort but it is worth it to find someone who is familiar with the condition.

What I did was directly call doctors offices and asked the receptionists if the doctor was familiar with the condition, sometimes they are able to check with the doctor and call you back so you can decide whether they may be a good fit for you. I had mixed results with this, but sometimes it works. I actually found my current doctor by calling a physical therapy place that I knew did pelvic floor physical therapy and asking them if they knew of any doctors in the area who were familiar with vaginismus. They gave me the name of a doctor who referred patients to them. I would google search gynecologists and physical therapy places that offer ‘womens health’, ‘vaginismus’, or ‘pelvic floor’ services on their websites and start from there.

I hope you are able to find a doctor who is familiar with these issues soon!