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Hi SarahD! CONGRATULATIONS on that BOTOX treatment!! It IS so life changing!! And CONGRATULATIONS on starting a family!! I too experienced pain during sex even after my procedure, but one day it did completely go away. I wouldn’t worry about that too much I feel like everyones body is different and some womem may take longer than others to fully heal. I was also limited to a few positions as the others were painful, but that too passed! Keeping up with dilating is so important and is key so awesome job!!!

I don’t have advice about birth, I’ve never experienced that myself BUT I do have some good tips on pelvic floor exercises. I think what’s really beneficial is stretching!! If you Google yoga stretches for pelvic floor muscles, you’ll see a lot of different poses and stretches to do and they work really well! If you are having a little pain during sex, you should stretch beforehand. It works wonders! Also, I don’t know if you are a gym goer or not, but a good leg workout helps to tire those muscles. Especially squats! I used to go to physical therapy and my therapist told me this! I hope this helps! 🙂