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Thank you so much Heather! I have had a really stressful week, so only just logged in to read your reply.

Your post is giving me hope to keep believing it can happen. I really don’t mind if success to start with is a bit lame – I just want it to happen, so we can then work on things from there 🙂

I completely agree about bonding on another level. We have learnt so much about one another through this process and our intimacy has grown better in so many ways. We spoke with my therapist on Tuesday and she was also encouraging that we are making small progress all the time.

We will definitely use the dilator first and hopefully that should help. I found that helped when I tried no5 straight after no4.

I’m also dealing with quite a bit of stress related to family at the moment, so that is challenging me a lot. But I am so glad I finally took the step to post here.

Thanks for listening. Just knowing there are people out there who understand and have actually been through it really helps x