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Hi Thereisn0try!
Congratulations on achieving intercourse that is HUGE!!
Being female, pleasure for us is more mental than it is physical. When you find yourself in the moment with your s/o, make sure you are in a good head space. That you aren’t fearing intercourse or pain, and that you’re relaxed and have had lots of foreplay! I also don’t feel much pleasure from sex alone, most women don’t. But what I do helps make it really fun for the both of us! We use a cock ring. It’s just a ring with a vibrator that you put on your partners penis and the vibrator is for your clitoris! I found that I like that the best as I hate fingers touching it. You could also try exploring that area by yourself, and see truly if there is sensation or not. If after a few times of trying and you still feel like something is wrong I would definitely give Maze a call. They offer sooooo much help with all things sex they’re wonderful. Good luck!! We’re always here on the forum for you 🙂