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edwards1492 and juliamc,

I totally understand your feelings, I went through the exact same issues at your age – but I waited until I was 23 to actually seek treatment (at MAZE with dilators), so I am so so happy that you’ve figured it out and started earlier!

While it was a slow and steady process for me, I never felt like I was in a rush (even though I had a boyfriend… he was not rushing me and just wanted me comfortable) because I felt the joy in small successes like moving up in dilator size, using tampons comfortably, feeling no pain with dilators that used to not fit, buying my first vibrator and using it along with dilators, etc.. I knew that I would be able to spend the rest of my life having pain-free sex and that thought enough was worth it for me!

Don’t give up hope! Towards the beginning of treatment I was so worried I would be the ONE case that wouldn’t be able to be cured, but my slow & steady progress and eventual “graduation” from dilators into sex proved me wrong 🙂

Keep at it, vaginismus is so treatable and you WILL be able to live a normal and happy sex life!