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Hi Allie – Heather’s dilator advice is especially great (so is LPoppy’s but I haven’t personally worked with hard plastic dilators). I had total success with the Pure Romance set Heather describes and would agree that the main difference about transitioning to dilators is just that it’s a PERSON attached to the penis instead of a separate implement. The only thing I’d add to what Heather said is that a helpful transitional move is to have your partner help you insert dilators before you try having intercourse – this is useful because the sensation of the dilators will be familiar (be sure to start with a smaller size than the largest one you’re working with so you can feel confident) but you can practice the experience of letting go of control when being penetrated. It sounds like from your other post that you have a supportive partner on your side – let us know how it works when you get started and let us know if you have any questions!