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Hello again! I saw your second post before this one, haha! I’m so so happy you have such a supportive partner! And I think you 100% deserve to know how wonderful sex is! In the beginning, it is a learning experience to find what you like and what you don’t but it is a wonderful experience to go through with your husband! I did so with mine 🙂 You are deserving of this and I know you can do it! Don’t fear failure, vaginismus may seem stubborn and unstoppable but it is NOT as strong as you are! I think seeing a physical therapist is a GREAT idea! I saw one for a while and she gave me a lot of amazing tips and tricks to help those stubborn muscles! Find yourself a doctor that doesn’t make you do anything you are scared to do. My therapist always told me that she does her job not to hurt but to help and she always moved at my pace. Finding a good doctor like that is key! There are sooooooo many options and tricks to learn to defeat vaginismus, you just gotta get started! You can do this!!!