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Hi LonelyTears! I think you’ve done great finding this forum, and expressing yourself and your current struggles. You are so brave and you are safe here! I understand what you are saying, and at an earlier time in my life I didn’t like sexual activities or my vagina. It all grossed me out. I’m sorry you’re going through this but you’re not alone and it sounds like you’re more than ready for changes to be made! If you’re ready for change, you’ll get there with a little work 🙂 I really suggest a sex therapist. Someone who specializes in sex. And maybe preferably a woman, whoever you feel most comfortable with, it’s your choice! I saw one for quite a while and she made me see things differently, she brought me around to realizations I couldn’t reach on my own and she used cognitive behavior techniques to get me to my desired results regarding my body. Please don’t be shy and post here as much as you want, we will support you and answer your questions! You can do this!!