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Hi Nakitalab,

I am not sure if you will need a second botox treatment. I think your body went through a significant trauma, and it is taking time to heal. But it could be an option, if traditional restart of dilation doesn’t work.

I would recommend continuing dilation, as well as focusing your estrogen cream to be massaged into the vaginal opening prior to dilation.

What is different now is that your vagina has the full impact of menopause, which I believe is different than when you had your first procedure.

Menopause makes the vaginal tissue more dry & sensitive, less stretchy, and harder to dilate. The entrance actually can become smaller. So you need to use the estrogen cream at the entrance to the vagina, probably more importantly than the deep pocket of the vagina.

Many women are prescribed estrogen and told to insert the estrogen deep inside the vagina, but the problem area is really the first few inches into the vagina.

It might take some time to get back up to the large size without pain, but I think you can get there.

You could also look into doing physical therapy to help with the dilation.

And if that doesn’t work…we can repeat the procedure, but that will only impact the muscles…it will not help you if the vaginal tissue from menopause is the primary issue.

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