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Hey guys,

A year & a bit later & I can finally say that I am now having sex!
I persisted with the dilators & managed to get to size 4, as I knew that size 5 would be the a similar size to my partners I decided to go for it.
I managed to breathe through it and after the initial thrust it was fine, I cried for around 15 mins afterwards after nearly 8 years of battling with this issue.

We are now having sex regularly, it still feels uncomfortable for the initial trust but after that it is enjoyable! (Still cannot believe it)

I will eventually post my success story in full here, because I would like to help support women who have the same issues see some light in that very dark long tunnel.
Because in all those years I always assumed I was completely broken, alone with this issue (until I found this site) & their was no hope but I was so so wrong.

Hopefully now I can be on my way to creating a family I have always dreamed of.