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Hi Maryro! I understand your feelings 100%! I am so sorry you’re dealing with vaginismus and feeling hurt in your relationship. That is not a fun combo! My husband used to unloyal to me, never physically, but he’d do a lot on the internet that really hurt me and I blamed it on myself and my vaginismus. We’ve been together for 8 years and it took quite a bit of work to recover. We even saw a couples therapist which in my opinion, was very beneficial. Often the problem is the lack of communication. I know, that’s what they all say haha! But it’s true! Your partner needs to hear from you what you need in order to rebuild trust and affection. And your partner needs to help you get there. Congratulations on your treatment!! You should be very proud of yourself!! That is an amazing accomplishment!! You deserve to have a great sex life, with someone you trust and feel safe with! I see it’s been about a month, how are things going??