Congratulations on all your progress!! The burning could be from a number of reasons! I too had a hymenectomy and I know for a while it burned to dilate. You’ve had a lot of trouble in there between the BOTOX injections and the hymenectomy so your tissues may be still recovering. It could also be the burning sensation of your muscles stretching. Or it could be your lube! As for the pink discharge, perhaps that’s a mixture of a little bit of light bleeding and your lube? Definitely keep up with your progress and dilating but maybe it could be a good idea to get an exam! Just to make sure everything is okay! Everything is so new to you and your body and may take some adjusting. After my BOTOX treatment, I had to see the doc a few times for the same concerns you’re having. Your body is going through a major change right now so be patient and listen closly to it and I know everything will turn out fine for you 🙂 It’s also important to remember that BOTOX doesn’t kick in for 2 full weeks so maybe you were still feeling some pain from the vaginismus. How are you doing now? Keep us updated! We’re here to help 🙂