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Hi Nina,

Congratulations! What a great success story.

Erection issues in partners of women who have vaginismus is so common. Because of all the repeated failed attempts over and over, the partner does not have a normal response cycle. Getting the viagra is exactly the right way to go. What we find is that most partners need the viagra only a few times, and then they can usually get an erection without it after a good pattern is established.

As for pregnancy…we don’t have any data that says getting pregnant after intravaginal botox injections will be an issue. No one would do that study. Botox is pregnancy category C, so you should never get Botox knowingly when you are pregnant.

We usually advise our patients to try to avoid pregnancy for 3-4 months after the procedure, when we know the botox is likely to be wearing off. However, we have had in our practice women get pregnant sooner, and so far we have not had any issues with the pregnancy or baby that we know of.