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Hi Allectus18 – thanks for reaching out here on this forum! I’m glad to hear that you are taking control of your vaginismus and it sounds like you have been making great progress. A few thoughts about your pain:

1) Yes it is sometimes normal to have more pain right around the time before your period. All of your reproductive hormones are low at this time, and it can be more painful to dilate.
2) Sometimes, as we increase in dilator size it can become even more challenging to insert them. I’d make sure you are using plenty of lubricant, and perhaps try again in a few days.
3) If the pain and “soreness” persist (especially if you are sore all the time), or you start having abnormal discharge, I would get checked out to make sure you haven’t developed any kind of vaginal infection.
4) We have a virtual dilation coaching program here at Maze. If you find that you remain stuck on this next size dilator, we are available virtually to provide education, guidance, instruction and even suggest therapies that might be useful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you think this is something you might benefit from.

You can do it!
Jackie Giannelli FNP-BC